What's in Your Home Design Plans?

Home design is constantly changing, and it’s important to stay ahead of the curve if you’re planning to build a house. While you want to make sure your new home looks as trendy as possible, it’s also important to make sure it’s comfortable and functional. Here are a few of the latest home design trends you should know about before you finalize the design plans for your home.

Outdoor Living Areas

Outdoor living spaces are very desirable right now, especially if you’re building in a climate that enjoys good weather for much of the year. Creating an outdoor space is much more involved than building a small deck and putting a chair or two on it. Today’s outdoor spaces are luxurious and are often equipped with outdoor kitchens that truly make them an extension of the home. They are great for entertaining family, friends and neighbors.

Supersized Pantries

Buying in bulk is a modern-day trend that transfers directly into home design. As more people purchase groceries from warehouse-style stores, they find it necessary to expand their pantries to store it all. Small pantries and modest kitchen storage options are no longer sufficient for the modern homeowner. To see how your kitchen and pantry will look before they are built, you’ll find convenient software to design a kitchen online.

Energy Efficiency

No matter who you are or what part of the country you live in, energy efficiency matters. Fortunately, modern design trends make it easy to source quality materials that can maximize the efficiency of your home. From installing a complete solar enery system to building with energy efficient materials and smart appliances, there are plenty of things you can do to create a truly eco-friendly home that is both attractive and efficient.

Mud Rooms Are Back

Spacious mudrooms are making a big comeback in modern home design, and it’s easy to see why. Mudrooms help keep the rest of your house tidy by collecting mud and grime from dirty shoes and boots. Add plenty of storage space in the form of cabinets, baskets, hooks, and coat racks to maximize the organizational capacity of your mud room.